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Innovation Leadership Bootcamp - Now Accepting Applications

In-person @ Zagreb, Croatia

June 8, 2024 - June 14, 2024

In Zagreb, an innovation hub located at the heart of southeast Europe, you will learn the essentials of entrepreneurial innovation and turn your ideas into action.

Join us so you can:

  • Work with a diverse team of aspiring entrepreneurs from around the globe
  • Tackle real-world challenges with MIT-trained coaches
  • Experience in one week the highs and lows of building a venture, something that usually takes 2-3 years
  • Immerse yourself in the dynamic and high-energy environment unique to MIT Bootcamps; we’re bringing this experience to Algebra University in Zagreb, Croatia
  • Participate in our famous pitch competition where you will receive feedback from a team of judges – renowned MIT entrepreneurs
  • Join our amazing network of MIT Bootcampers

Zagreb isn’t only a premier scenic destination for travelers, but also one of the top European innovation hubs. In the recently published European Innovation Scoreboard, Zagreb took a place among the regions characterized as strong innovators. Croatia has a rapidly growing tech startup and IT market equipped with quality talents and enormous creative potential.

When combined with MIT’s renowned framework for entrepreneurship, and a select group of passionate aspiring entrepreneurs, the Innovation Leadership Bootcamp in Croatia will act as a catalyst for transforming your mindset, igniting your passion for innovation, and diving into the essentials of entrepreneurship.

Spaces are limited. Apply today to be part of the MIT Bootcamp

Build a viable venture with hand-selected peers

Build a viable venture with hand-selected peers

Tackle the highs and lows of entrepreneurship, together

You will be set up with a team of hand-selected peers and during this transformative week you will build a venture.

  • Participate in workshops, sessions, and activities that will teach you how to tackle the highs and lows of building a venture
  • Work with your team of fellow aspiring entrepreneurs and build a viable venture from the ground up in just 7 days
  • Receive actionable feedback from MIT-trained coaches
  • Compete in our inspiring and dynamic Final Pitch Competition – where teams present their venture to a group of judges

Harness the power of MIT’s entrepreneurial expertise

Harness the power of MIT’s entrepreneurial expertise

Push yourself outside of your comfort zone

You will connect with MIT’s world-renowned entrepreneurship ecosystem.

  • Soak up the best entrepreneurship available in the world – if MIT graduates were a country, they would be the 10th largest global economy
  • Participate in action-oriented learning experiences with MIT faculty and instructors sharing cutting-edge insights about innovation, sustainability, and venture-building
  • Network and connect with MIT instructors and entrepreneurs
  • Join a renowned MIT Bootcamps community after you complete the program, which provides you with additional opportunities for the future

Dive into the brilliance of Croatia

Dive into the brilliance of Croatia

Engage with the rich culture of exploration in Croatia

You will engage with the rich culture and innovation mindset in Zagreb, Croatia.

  • Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of innovation and entrepreneurship of Zagreb
  • Gain unparalleled access to Croatia’s foremost industry leaders
  • Learn from successful Croatian enterprises such as Rimac Automobili, the creators of the world’s fastest EV car
  • Immerse yourself in a thriving entrepreneurial hub and be at epicenter of innovation and entrepreneurship in Croatia

The Innovation Leadership Bootcamp is not just an educational experience; it's a life-changing journey. Through this intense and transformative experience, you’ll emerge as globally-minded entrepreneurs, ready to take on the challenges of the startup world with a unique perspective and unparalleled resilience.

What to expect at the Bootcamp

The MIT Innovation Leadership Bootcamp is the only program of its kind. A combination of workshops with MIT instructors, a team-based project to build a venture with a global team, and daily team-based coaching from an experienced MIT entrepreneur, the Bootcamp is a hands-on, immersive, and rigorous learning experience.

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  • > Is this program for me?

    Do you consider yourself an aspiring entrepreneurial team leader? If so, the Innovation Leadership Bootcamp might be the right place for you. This program can benefit a wide range of individuals.

    Below are some of the most common job titles for successful Bootcampers.

    • CEO, Founder, Owner, or Partner
    • CTO, CIO, or CXO
    • PhD students & researchers
    • Product managers & software engineers
    • Project managers
    • Managers & team leads
    • Consultants & analysts
    • Aspiring entrepreneurial team leaders

    If you have extensive innovation experience, want to work on your own idea, or an MBA, consider our Venture Advancement Program.

  • Please see our application criteria page at bootcamps.mit.edu/apply

  • Typical days at the Bootcamp run from 8am - 10pm . Mornings will include lecture sessions and workshops by MIT faculty. Mid-afternoons and evenings will include coaching sessions with MIT-trained entrepreneurs, teams time, and work on deliverables. There will be some time to network with your peers and coaches in the evening.

    A light breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

  • Upon being accepted and securing your seat for the Bootcamp, our team pairs you up with other Bootcampers who have similar availability as you. We aim for the Bootcamp to fit seamlessly into your life and do our best to ensure you are on a team with people who can meet at a similar time outside of typical lecture hours.


How to Apply


Admissions to Bootcamps are highly selective. Our selection criteria have evolved over the last six years to reflect characteristics embodied by our most successful Bootcampers. In addition to these criteria, we found successful Bootcampers display and articulate the following qualities: compassion, pursuit of excellence, are curious and dynamic, enjoy learning, and strive to make an impact personally and professionally. Be prepared to talk about your accomplishments and how you have dealt with challenges when you apply.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until cohort limit is reached. Deadline to apply is May 15, 2024.


Zagreb, Croatia

Build rich connections with fellow Bootcampers, explore your entrepreneurial skills, and take advantage of being immersed in the Croatian innovation ecosystem and the MIT innovation mindset.

Bootcamp Dates

June 8-14, 2024

An intense and immersive week-long in-person educational program in Zagreb, Croatia. Expect ~12+ hour days starting at 8am.


$9,000 USD

Cost does not include airfare, transportation, or accommodation before, during, or after the program. Cost does include meals during scheduled time on the Algebra University campus.

Meet Your Instructors


Your MIT instructors bring a lifetime of experience in entrepreneurship and innovation to you. As professors, innovators, entrepreneurs, and educators, they are here to provide guidance on your entrepreneurship journey.


The 'secret sauce' of the Bootcamp, our coaches provide expertise, mentorship, and direction during the Bootcamp. Your coach is here to support your team, through feedback on deliverables, how to best apply the concepts you’ve learned (based on their knowledge of the curriculum and experience as entrepreneurs), and help navigate and manage team dynamics.

Luis Perez-Breva
Luis Perez-Breva Director and Lead Faculty, MIT Innovation Teams Program Instructor
Paul Cheek
Paul Cheek Executive Director, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship and Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan Instructor
Erdin Beshimov
Erdin Beshimov Founder, MIT Bootcamps & Senior Director, MIT Open Learning Instructor
Ingrid Toppelberg
Ingrid Toppelberg Chief Digital Transformation Officer, ThriveDX Coach
Vimala Palaniswamy
Vimala Palaniswamy Head of Organizational Development, Metrika Coach
Robin Bose
Robin Bose Head of Business Operations, Vimeo Coach
Iman Urooj
Iman Urooj Chief Operating Officer, Safepay Coach
Aman Advani
Aman Advani Founder & CEO, Ministry of Supply Coach
Marius Ursache
Marius Ursache Serial Entrepreneur Coach
André Júdice Glória
André Júdice Glória Partner, Gama Glória & Serial Angel Investor Coach

Meet The Sponsors


Proud sponsors of the MIT Innovation Leadership Bootcamp in Zagreb, Croatia.

Hrvatska Pošta
Hrvatska Pošta Platinum Tier Sponsor
Aircash Silver Tier Sponsor
Croatian Tourist Board
Croatian Tourist Board Silver Tier Sponsor
Mastercard Silver Tier Sponsor

Bootcamps Graduates

We are a global community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and changemakers. Our community spans over 100 countries and over 1800 individuals. Our Bootcampers come to the Bootcamp to make a difference in the world. They leave with the support of a global community to inspire them, support them, and walk through the entrepreneurship journey with them. Learn more about the benefits of being an MIT Bootcamps graduate.

MIT not only enables you to create a tangible and 100% applicable business plan, but they inspire you and give you the confidence to put it into action. -Ali Le Pierrès
Linda Obregon
MIT Bootcamp graduate '16
Linda Obregon Founder & CEO

"The program experience was 10-fold compared to what I expected. It was the kickstarter for my journey into entrepreneurship. They not only taught me how to create a company in a week, but they gave me a supportive network of the best network and brightest minds. After I left the Bootcamp, I founded a startup that uses science and plants to develop high-protein and tasty new foods. We were supported by Startup Chile and received our first round of investments."

Hear more about Linda's experience at the Bootcamp.

Arthur Julio Nelson
MIT Bootcamp Graduate '19
Arthur Julio Nelson Brand Strategy Lead, Google

"The Bootcamp is, well, it's an accelerator meets a creativity incubator. It's all of these things mashed into one. If you come into the Bootcamp with a purpose and desire for impact and where you want to channel it, the Bootcamp will help you unleash it."

Hear more about Arthur's experience at the Bootcamp.