About Us

Our first bootcamps focused on Innovation & Entrepreneurship broadly but now cover many topics including AI, Internet of Things, Robotics, Medical Devices, Sports Technology, Sustainability, and more. The underlying commonality of our bootcamps is the emphasis on problem-solving, which we see bring to life through curricula on creative problem discovery, problem specification, root cause analysis, stakeholder sensemaking, and collaborative ideation.

The structured but short-duration design of our bootcamps makes them conveniently stackable with other programs. Similarly, we provide internal bootcamps on corporate venturing for major companies. The same design element allows us to conduct MIT bootcamps not just at MIT, but worldwide. We have successfully carried out bootcamps across five continents in countries such as Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, Taiwan, and Korea. Our topical breadth and global reach make possible creative program combinations. To study the business of tourism we ran a bootcamp trek in Vienna, Austria. To observe the impact of climate change on biodiversity we hold annual bootcamp treks to the Great Barrier Reef. To explore the topic of cultural innovations we went on a bootcamp trek to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In short, bootcamps are about multifaceted immersion. Join our global community.

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Our Vision

At MIT Bootcamps we take MIT to the world and foster becoming and belonging. We teach and inspire thoughtful action through entrepreneurial problem discovery and problem solving. We develop a community of like-minded innovators where each member is appreciated and encouraged to reach their highest potential.

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