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Venture Advancement Program - Open


May 13, 2024 - May 17, 2024

Are you ready to take your venture to the next level?

A growth program for entrepreneurs, the Venture Advancement Program is a 5 day in-person program, where you will “drink from the firehose” of innovation at MIT.

During the program, you will immerse yourself in the MIT innovation ecosystem, build rich connections with like-minded peers and MIT-trained entrepreneurs, and develop a robust innovation toolkit.

You will refine your strategic business direction, hone your tactical entrepreneurial skills, and leave the program ready to take the next step - whether that’s validating your product-market fit or early-stage fundraising.

Build a transformative network

Build a transformative network

Whether starting a new venture or scaling, finding the right people to support you is key.

Develop your personal leadership skills, connect with co-founders, and find the right mentors and support system for you.

Get ready to fundraise

Get ready to fundraise

Advance your venture with direct feedback from seasoned entrepreneurs.

Analyze your tactics with experts and adapt your strategy based on feedback. Harness your skills to develop an investor-ready pitch to share your next steps.

Innovate at MIT

Innovate at MIT

Be a part of the most innovative square mile on earth.

Bridge your entrepreneurial knowledge gaps at MIT. Learn how to bring your proof of concept to market, understand what investors are looking for, and meet the brightest at MIT.

Venture Advancement Program isn't an accelerator, but that doesn't mean we won't accelerate your venture. One week at MIT and you'll walk away with the tools and confidence to take the next step for your business.


Soak up advice on how to advance your venture from MIT faculty, mentors, and coaches, all while building your innovation toolkit with like-minded peers from around the globe.

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  • > What stage does my venture need to be?

    We expect individuals to be working towards validating product market fit for their business or business idea.

  • If you’re an entrepreneur looking to grow your business, this program is for you. With a range of expertise in our mentors and coaches, no matter where you are in your venture, the Venture Advancement Program can help you reach your business potential.

    If you’re looking for 1:1 mentorship and coaching in-person, our program is a great fit for you.

    If you do not have a venture yet, please check out our foundational innovation leadership bootcamp program.

  • Typical days at the Bootcamp run from 8am - 10pm. Mornings will include lecture sessions and workshops by MIT faculty. Mid-afternoons will include 1:1 mentoring sessions with Boston-based entrepreneurs and MIT-trained coaches. Evenings will be set aside to network with your peers and complete your daily deliverables.

    A light breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

  • Yes, there will be pre-work required for the program. Estimate about ~10 total hours of work prior to the program.

  • No. We are not an accelerator and do not take equity or fund your venture in any capacity.


How to Apply


Capacity is limited to 60 individuals, so complete your application soon to secure your seat. If you're a Bootcamp graduate, reach out to us for additional details.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until cohort limit is reached. Deadline to apply is May 1, 2024.


Cambridge, MA

Build rich connections with fellow entrepreneurs, enhance your network, and take advantage of being in-person at MIT.

Bootcamp Dates

May 13 - 17, 2024

An immersive five day in-person program on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus and the Boston startup ecosystem.



$9,600 USD

Cost does not include airfare, transportation, or accommodation before, during, or after the program. Cost does include meals during scheduled time on the MIT campus.

Meet Your Instructors

See past speakers, mentors, and coaches.


Your MIT instructors bring a lifetime of experience in entrepreneurship and innovation to you. As professors, innovators, entrepreneurs, and educators, they are here to provide guidance on your entrepreneurship journey.


Speakers bring a unique set of


The 'secret sauce' of the Bootcamp, our coaches provide expertise, mentorship, and direction during the Bootcamp.

Bill Aulet
Bill Aulet Managing Director, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship Instructor
Paul Cheek
Paul Cheek Executive Director, Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship and Senior Lecturer, MIT Sloan Instructor
Deborah Ancona
Deborah Ancona Professor of Manangement and Organization Studies, MIT Sloan & Founding Director of MIT Leadership Center Instructor
Anjali Sastry
Anjali Sastry Faculty Director of J-WEL and Associate Dean for Open Learning Instructor
Luis Perez-Breva
Luis Perez-Breva Director and Faculty Lead, MIT Innovation Teams Program Instructor
Paul English
Paul English Co-Founder, Kayak & Founder, Boston Venture Studio Speaker
Semyon Dukach
Semyon Dukach Partner, One Way Ventures Speaker
David Cohen
David Cohen Founder & Chairman, Techstars Speaker
Christian Magel
Christian Magel Managing Partner and Co-Founder, Venture Lane Studio Speaker
Ingrid Toppelberg
Ingrid Toppelberg Chief Digital Transformation Officer, ThriveDX Saas Coach
Aman Advani
Aman Advani Co-founder & CEO, Ministry of Supply Coach
Yscaira Jimenez
Yscaira Jimenez Chief Innovation Officer, Opportunity@Work Coach
Mateo Nakach
Mateo Nakach Serial Entrepreneur and Investor Coach

Bootcamp Graduates

We are a global community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and changemakers. Our community spans over 100 countries and over 1800 individuals. Our Bootcampers come to the Bootcamp to make a difference in the world. They leave with a global community to inspire them, support them, and walk through the entrepreneurship journey with them. Learn more about the Venture Advancement and the graduate perspectives.

It has provided me with a tremendous amount of experience, exposure, and friendship. The content and learning principles were so clearly defined, expressed, and highlighted that I now clearly understand what is required to grow my venture. -Venture Advancement '23 Participant
Svetla Parmakova
Venture Advancement '23
Svetla Parmakova Founder, savva

Svetla applied to the Venture Advancement program after a career in finance and operations. With an idea in the HR and business intelligence space, she wanted to validate her product market fit outside of her home country of Bulgaria. She saw MIT as an opportunity to hone her technology and leadership skills from the best in the field. After the program, she is working with a mentor she met in Boston and is moving forward with her venture savva. Since attending the program, Svetla has identified partners to pursue her venture with and is advancing with a proof of concept.

"The Venture Advancement Program gave me everything I needed to get my venture off the ground - a proof of concept partner, confidence, and the right traction."

Victor Arrieta
Venture Advancement '23
Victor Arrieta Director, Guadiana

After years of running a start-up in the food industry in Mexico, Victor was looking for a new strategic direction for his business. A seasoned entrepreneur, he knew defining a new trajectory for the company would make or break his business. He applied to the Venture Advancement Program because of the hands-on nature of MIT - he wanted to apply what he learned at the program immediately to his venture. After the program, Victor has defined a new path for his venture and says the program helped him hone his mindset.

“I wish I had taken the program when I started my path as an entrepreneur. It led me to new and bold directions both for myself and my company. It was a life-changing experience.”

What Bootcampers from Venture '23 have to say about the program
Participants of the Venture Advancement '23 Cohort
What Bootcampers from Venture '23 have to say about the program ––––––

"It was fantastic, a very special experience that was well organized and with very applicable, useful and experienced guests. This was invaluable to everyone here as they are entering or looking for more in these fields, they have been able to get a window to this information and experience they may have never accessed, or struggled to access otherwise."

"We have been bathed into so much incredible and practical information. Thank you for rejuvenating me!"

"A great learning experience with very practical modules. I am taking away many tools that will help advance my business."

"I loved how much I learned from this program, and I will definitely recommend it to my friends/colleagues."

"It was much more than I expected, in terms of the faculty friendliness, diversity of classmates and the overall vibe of the event."

"It pushed me to make important decisions about where I wanted to go with my life. It taught me crucial lessons that can prevent me from preventable reasons for failure throughout my entrepreneurial journey."