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MIT Innovation Leadership Bootcamp

Live Online | 15 hours per week

Feb. 11, 2024 - Feb. 12, 2024

Understand the essentials of entrepreneurial innovation to turn your ideas into action.

Whether you are fighting to maintain your current business position, or disrupt the market, innovation is core to a sustainable and resilient business in a world currently coping with disruptions. From AI to political instability, these changes are affecting fundamental assumptions of how our world operates today.

During the Bootcamp, using MIT’s framework for innovation and entrepreneurship, you’ll learn to identify an innovation opportunity, develop and deliver a superior solution, and select a business model to deliver value for a range of stakeholders.

Our team and project based program is meant for those looking to make an immediate impact in their organization and in the world. The MIT Bootcamp will transform your capabilities for innovation past what you thought was possible.

​​Acquire the skills and tools you need to build a viable venture

​​Acquire the skills and tools you need to build a viable venture

Build something new, from the ground up

We believe in hands-on learning. With a combination of live sessions with MIT instructors and guest speakers, coaching sessions with an MIT Bootcamps coach, regular meetings with your global team, plus your individual work, you will learn everything you need to build a new venture. This isn’t a typical online course. It’s a dynamic, immersive learning experience where you build the foundations of a venture with a global team in just 10 weeks.

Learn how to effectively collaborate on innovation projects and ventures

Learn how to effectively collaborate on innovation projects and ventures

Reduce risk, increase success, and access new opportunities

You’ll have the opportunity to lead your global team as the CEO and collaborate as you face many of the same challenges a startup faces in early stages of their business. Effective collaboration isn’t just about working better together, it’s about reducing risk, increasing your chances of success, and expanding your network and opportunities in the future.

Understand how to confidently lead and nurture innovation in your organization

Understand how to confidently lead and nurture innovation in your organization

Build a culture of innovation

During the Bootcamp, you will learn how to foster a culture of innovation at your organization. Whether you’re at a startup, or a larger organization, you’ll gain the practical tools needed to shift your team's mindset and build a culture open to new opportunities needed to catalyze business growth.

You’ll be grouped together in small teams where each team member has the opportunity to practice their leadership skills as CEO of the team. You’ll receive weekly feedback and guidance on your experimental venture from an MIT-trained coach. Your team will be a group of diverse individuals from all over the world with exceptional backgrounds.

What to expect at the Bootcamp

The MIT Innovation Leadership Bootcamp is different from most online courses. A combination of live teaching sessions and workshops with MIT instructors (which are recorded in case you can't attend live), a team-based project to build a venture with a global team, and regular team-based coaching from an experienced MIT entrepreneur, the Bootcamp is a hands-on, immersive, and rigorous learning experience.

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  • > Is this program for me?

    Do you consider yourself an aspiring entrepreneurial team leader? If so, the Innovation Leadership Bootcamp might be the right place for you. This program can benefit a wide range of individuals.

    Below are some of the most common job titles for successful Bootcampers.

    • CEO, Founder, Owner, or Partner
    • CTO, CIO, or CXO
    • PhD students & researchers
    • Product managers & software engineers
    • Project managers
    • Managers & team leads
    • Consultants & analysts
    • Aspiring entrepreneurial team leaders

    If you have extensive innovation experience, want to work on your own idea, or an MBA, consider our Venture Advancement Program.

  • Please see our application criteria page at

  • Upon being accepted and securing your seat for the Bootcamp, our team pairs you up with other Bootcampers who have similar availability as you. We aim for the Bootcamp to fit seamlessly into your life and do our best to ensure you are on a team with people who can meet at a similar time outside of typical lecture hours.


How to Apply


Admissions to Bootcamps are highly selective. Our selection criteria have evolved over the last six years to reflect characteristics embodied by our most successful Bootcampers. In addition to these criteria, we found successful Bootcampers display and articulate the following qualities: compassion, pursuit of excellence, are curious and dynamic, enjoy learning, and strive to make an impact personally and professionally. Be prepared to talk about your accomplishments and how you have dealt with challenges when you apply.

Apply by February 7, 2024. Admissions are conducted on a rolling basis. The sooner you apply, the sooner you will receive a decision.


Live Online

Learners will need frequent computer and internet access to participate in live sessions.

Bootcamp Dates

March 4 - May 10, 2024

10 week online program divided up into 10 learning modules. Expected time commitment is 15 hours per week. See a syllabus and schedule here.


$6,500 USD

Tuition includes access to all learning platforms and course materials. We are not able to offer scholarships at this time.

Meet your instructors


Your MIT instructors bring a lifetime of experience in entrepreneurship and innovation to you. As professors, innovators, entrepreneurs, and educators, they are here to provide guidance on your entrepreneurship journey. Typically, live sessions are one hour long and take place 2x/week in addition to your team meetings, coaching sessions, and other options sessions including CEO of the week and deliverables review.


The 'secret sauce' of the Bootcamp, our coaches provide expertise, mentorship, and direction during the Bootcamp. Your coach is here to support your team, through feedback on deliverables, how to best apply the concepts you’ve learned (based on their knowledge of the curriculum and experience as entrepreneurs), and help navigate and manage team dynamics.

Bill Aulet
Bill Aulet Professor of the Practice, Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management Instructor
Luis Perez-Breva
Luis Perez-Breva Director and Lead Faculty, MIT Innovation Teams Program Instructor
Marina Hatsopoulos
Marina Hatsopoulos Entrepreneur, Director, Angel Investor Instructor
Erdin Beshimov
Erdin Beshimov Founder, MIT Bootcamps and Senior Director, MIT Open Learning Instructor
Ingrid Toppelberg
Ingrid Toppelberg Chief Product Officer, Cybint Solutions Coach
Vanessa Gurie
Vanessa Gurie Co-founder & CEO of i-Ophthalmology Coach
Thomas Annicq
Thomas Annicq Founding Partner at Aude Ventures Coach
Gabrielle Tiven
Gabrielle Tiven Senior Partner at LIDD ( Coach
Adrian Garcia
Adrian Garcia Founding Partner at Carao Ventures Coach
Nasir Yammama
Nasir Yammama Founder and CEO of Verdant AgriTech Coach
Yuri Ramos
Yuri Ramos Program Director, MIT Liaison Program Coach
Lindsay Stradley
Lindsay Stradley Co-Founder at Sanergy Coach
Ani Vallabhaneni
Ani Vallabhaneni Co-Founder at Sanergy Coach
Hyungsoo Kim
Hyungsoo Kim Founder at Eone Timepieces Coach
Annica Blake
Annica Blake Managing Director Business Development at Thinklabs Coach
James Cryan
James Cryan Founder & CEO of Rocky Mountain Preparatory Schools (RMP) Coach
Iman Urooj
Iman Urooj Head of Business Development at Safepay HQ Coach

Bootcamp Community

The Innovation Leadership Bootcamp isn't just for entrepreneurs. Whatever your background, if you're passionate about creating value in the world around you - we are the community for you.

We are a global community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and changemakers. Our community spans over 100 countries and over 1800 individuals. Our Bootcampers come to the Bootcamp to make a difference in the world. They leave with the support of a global community to inspire them, support them, and walk through the entrepreneurship journey with them.

In a handful of short weeks, MIT not only enables you to create a tangible and 100% applicable business plan, but they inspire you and give you the confidence to put it into action. -Ali Le Pierrès
Ara Charissa Sam
Innovation Leadership '21
Ara Charissa Sam Senior Assistant Vice President - Transformation at BDO Life

Do you stay in contact with your Bootcamp team and cohort? 

"Yes! Almost every day until now! We have totally bonded because we were meeting every day during the Bootcamp and we have become really good friends. We keep everyone updated where we are, sharing photos. I travel through them! We just had a catch-up via Zoom last week. It's priceless to meet like-minded individuals who continuously push each other to keep growing and learning."

See Ara's Full Testimonial Video Here

Hanchul Kim
Innovation Leadership '21
Hanchul Kim Director, Corporate Growth Strategy at Samsung

Who do you think would benefit from attending the MIT Bootcamp?

I reckon that the MIT Bootcamp will be an excellent experience for anyone who got to innovate and contribute to society. The Bootcamp is a very good starting point for anyone who is eager to learn how to innovate.

I’d recommend this program to the people working for big enterprises because this program focuses on what is at the core of any business.

Lili de Larratea
Innovation Leadership '21
Lili de Larratea Service Designer at Methods & Co-Founder at Rethink Labs

What advice do you have for incoming Bootcampers?

Be disciplined and go prepared for your team meetings. The more you put in, the better the result at the end. Also network as much as you can. MIT Bootcampers have very interesting backgrounds and dreams and you never know who you might end up starting a business with one day.

See Lili's Full Testimonial Video Here