Innovation Leadership Bootcamp - Fall 2020

Understand the essentials of innovation and entrepreneurship to lead innovation in your organization or business.

Oct. 5, 2020 - Dec. 15, 2020

Whether you are fighting to maintain your current business position, or disrupt the market, innovation is core to a sustainable and competitive business today.

During the Bootcamp, using MIT’s framework for innovation and entrepreneurship, you’ll learn to identify an innovation opportunity, develop and deliver a superior solution, and select a business model to deliver value for a range of stakeholders. Our rigorous, hands-on, and immersive online program is meant for those looking to make an impact in their organization and in the world.

Our Bootcamp will transform your capabilities for innovation past what you thought was possible.

Active Learning

Active Learning

Learn with and from alongside other global innovators selected by MIT Bootcamps

From a combination of live sessions with MIT instructors and guest speakers, interactive workshops with the MIT Bootcamps teaching team, coaching sessions and MIT Bootcamps coach, regular meetings with your global team, plus your individual work, we expect active engagement from all participants. This isn’t a typical online course.. Build a venture with a global team in just 10 weeks.

Remote Global Collaboration

Remote Global Collaboration

Learn to collaborate effectively online, across cultures and timezones

As the world has learned in 2020, effective remote collaboration is a challenging but necessary skill now and for the future as workplace configurations adapt. In this Bootcamp, you’ll gain experience collaborating and leading a global team remotely, learning from them as your build the foundations of a new venture together.

Becoming and Belonging

Becoming and Belonging

Join our global community

Over the last six years, MIT Bootcamps has selected and built a community of 1300+ changemakers from 100+ countries. In addition to your classmates, expand your professional network beyond your own Bootcamp cohort and receive continued access to content curated and developed by MIT Bootcamps. When we can convene again in-person, we hope to meet you at an alumni conference or Trek.

Master collaboration for virtual team-based innovation.

What to expect at the Bootcamp

The MIT Innovation Leadership Bootcamp will be different than most online courses you can take. A combination of live teaching sessions and workshops (which are recorded for your flexibility), office hours, building the foundations of a venture with your global team, and receiving regular team-based coaching, the Bootcamp is a hands-on, immersive, and rigorous learning experience.

  • > Individual Study

    You will prepare for each Bootcamp Module on your own by completing a set of learning materials (video, readings) developed or curated by the MIT Bootcamps team. These materials will be available to you via the course platform on a module-by-module basis.

  • The Learning Sprint will feature a combination of Innovation Workshops with the MIT Bootcamps team and talks by leading practitioners. Each Innovation Workshop will focus on specific methods and techniques from the Innovation Leadership Toolkit.

    The Pitch Sprint will feature Innovation Workshops led by entrepreneurship educators and practitioners in order to provide both research and practical inspiration for your learning. The Innovation Workshops will be live. All live sessions will be recorded and posted to the course platform for those who are not able to attend live.

  • This Bootcamp is about learning by doing as a team. In every module you will have a required deliverable. The goal of each deliverable is to get you to practice a specific skill from the Innovation Leadership Toolkit. You are asked to work on and submit your deliverables as a team.

  • Each module will also have a live session in which a member of the Bootcamp team reviews the deliverables submitted by participants. This is an opportunity for rapid feedback and iteration.

  • Every team member will have the opportunity to lead their team as CEO for a week. When you are the CEO, you will have a meeting with all other CEOs to discuss problems and exchange perspectives.

Meet Your Instructors


Your MIT instructors bring a lifetime of experience in entrepreneurship and innovation to you. As professors, innovators, entrepreneurs, and educators, they are here to provide guidance on your entrepreneurship journey.

Eric von Hippel
Eric von Hippel Professor of Management of Innovation and Engineering Systems Instructor
Sanjay Sarma
Sanjay Sarma Vice President of MIT Open Learning, Professor of Mechanical Engineering Instructor
Erdin Beshimov
Erdin Beshimov Founder, MIT Bootcamps Instructor
Vimala Palaniswamy
Vimala Palaniswamy Director, MIT Bootcamps Instructor
Bill Aulet
Bill Aulet Professor of the Practice, Technological Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Strategic Management Instructor
Maria Yang
Maria Yang Professor of Mechanical Engineering, MIT D-Lab Faculty Academic Director Instructor
Luis Perez-Breva
Luis Perez-Breva Director and Lead faculty of MIT Innovation Teams Program Instructor

Bootcamp Community

The Innovation Leadership Bootcamp isn't just for entrepreneurs. Whatever your background, if you're passionate about creating impact in the world around you - we are the community for you.

We are a global community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and changemakers. Our community spans over 100 countries and over 1300 individuals. Our Bootcampers come to the Bootcamp to make a difference in the world through social impact. They leave with the support of a global community to inspire them, support them, and walk through the entrepreneurship journey with them. Learn more about our Bootcamps community.

In a handful of short weeks, MIT not only enables you to create a tangible and 100% applicable business plan, but they inspire you and give you the confidence to put it into action. -Ali Le Pierrès
Ali Le Pierrès
Innovation Leadership Bootcamp, 2018
Ali Le Pierrès Founder, Jimmies Training Centre

Ali, born and raised in Montreal, Canada, came to the bootcamp with a background in kinesiology and human performance improvement. Passionate about both domains, she was determined to combine her expertise into something that could help the enormous, aging population. In the MIT bootcamp, Ali developed her business plan and gained the confidence to launch Jimmies Training Centre, the first training centre aimed at providing quality of life and autonomy for the 50-70 year-young.