MIT–Harvard Medical School Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp - Fall 2021

Live Online

Sept. 13, 2021 - Nov. 18, 2021

An online program in entrepreneurial creativity and problem solving, healthcare innovation, and leadership. The MIT-Harvard Medical School Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp brings the rigorous, collaborative, action-learning experience of our in-person Healthcare Innovation Bootcamps online.

Learn from your peers

Learn from your peers

Your classmates are global healthcare innovators hand-selected by MIT Bootcamps

In addition to Bootcamp instructors and coaches, your classmates bring a wide range of expertise and experience. Working with your globally diverse team, you’ll get a deep look into other healthcare systems, challenges, and innovations. Selecting a problem, developing a superior solution, and building a sustainable business model together, you’ll get insight into how these different features affect healthcare innovation in a range of locations.

Navigate healthcare’s complexity with experts

Navigate healthcare’s complexity with experts

Healthcare affects everyone. Learn from experts about what makes it unique and what you need know as an innovator

The healthcare industry is highly regulated, varies greatly by country depending on the economic models in place, and is very complex. Experts and entrepreneurs from Harvard Medical School and MIT will highlight what you’ll need to know as a healthcare entrepreneur, helping you navigate the early stages.

Becoming and belonging

Becoming and belonging

Join our global community

Over the last six years, MIT Bootcamps has selected and built a community of 1300+ changemakers from 100+ countries. In addition to your classmates, expand your professional network beyond your own Bootcamp cohort. Over 200 attended previous Healthcare Innovation Bootcamps or work in healthcare innovation. Receive continued access to innovation and entrepreneurship content developed and curated and developed by MIT Bootcamps.

You and your peers are here for a common purpose - to improve healthcare. Walk away from the Bootcamp with an innovation toolkit and framework to implement it in your professional life.

What to expect at the Bootcamp

Over 10 weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a global team of innovators selected by MIT Bootcamps to build the foundations of a new healthcare venture. You will learn principles central to innovation directly from MIT and Harvard Medical School instructors: problem discovery, ideation, user innovation, customer sense-making, and more. Your team will be coached by MIT innovators with healthcare experience and you’ll hear from entrepreneurs, investors, and others from MIT and Harvard Medical School’s diverse ecosystems.

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  • > Creativity

    Innovators often get “stuck.” Learn to identify viable opportunity spaces and ideation techniques to help you generate new ones.

  • Your end users are the most important people for your venture. Learn to identify their unmet needs - the opportunity to create value for them and your venture.

  • The problem and end users will be at the center of your venture. Learn how to frame and specify the problem opportunity so that you develop a solution that creates actual value.

  • It takes four modules to even begin discussing the solution! This is because superior solutions are built on the foundation of a well-specified opportunity and knowing your end user well. Learn to develop a solution that works AND your end user will use.

  • Venture creation doesn’t end with creating a superior solution. Learn how the business model and other decisions you make can create value for your customer and your startup.

  • Learn to craft a story that engages a range of stakeholders and clearly communicates the value your venture will deliver.

  • Pitch your venture and receive feedback from MIT Bootcamps judges.


How to Apply


Admissions to Bootcamps are highly selective. We have shaped our criteria based on our most successful Bootcampers. In addition to these criteria, we found that they display and articulate the following qualities: compassion, pursuit of excellence, are curious and dynamic, enjoy learning, and strive to make an impact personally and professionally. Be prepared to talk about your accomplishments and how you have dealt with challenges when you apply.

Apply by September 7, 2022 at 11:59pm EDT. Admissions are conducted on a rolling basis. The sooner you apply, the sooner you will receive a decision.


Live Online

Learners will need to have computer and internet to access course content and live sessions. 

Bootcamp Dates

October 3 - December 9, 2022

A 10 week online program, focused on healthcare, divided up into seven key learning modules. Expected time commitment is 10-15 hours per week. Please see syllabus and schedule here.


$5,600 USD

Tuition includes all course materials and access to learning platforms.

Meet Your Instructors & Coaches

Faculty and Instructors

Your MIT and Harvard Medical School faculty and instructors bring a lifetime of experience in healthcare, entrepreneurship, and innovation to you. As professors, innovators, entrepreneurs, and educators, they are here to provide guidance on your entrepreneurship journey.


The 'secret sauce' of the Bootcamp, our coaches provide expertise, mentorship, and direction during the Bootcamp.

Zirui Song
Zirui Song Assistant Professor of Healthcare Policy and Medicine, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital Instructor
Ateev Mehrotra
Ateev Mehrotra Associate Professor of Healthcare Policy and Medicine, Harvard Medical School Instructor
Zach Malchano
Zach Malchano President, Cognito Therapeutics Instructor
Erdin Beshimov
Erdin Beshimov Founder, MIT Bootcamps Instructor
Vimala Palaniswamy
Vimala Palaniswamy Director, MIT Bootcamps Instructor
Vanessa Gurie
Vanessa Gurie Co-Founder & CEO of I-Ophthalmonology Coach
Hanna Adeyema
Hanna Adeyema COO & Founder of Tenacity Coach
Nicky Agahari
Nicky Agahari Business Development Manager, Boston Scientific Coach
Marius Ursache
Marius Ursache CEO & Co-founder, Metabeta Coach

Bootcamp Community

We are a global community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and changemakers. Our community spans over 100 countries and over 1300 individuals. Our Bootcampers come to the Bootcamp to make a difference in the world through innovation. They leave with the support of a global community to inspire, support, and walk through the entrepreneurship journey with them. Learn more about our Bootcamps community.

Submerge yourself into the experience. If you trust the process and trust your team and allow yourself to embrace your experience, you’ll make the most out of it. -Vanessa
Vanessa Torres Gangoo
Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp, 2019
Vanessa Torres Gangoo Healthcare Operations Manager

Currently based in Caracas, Venezuela, Vanessa Torres Gangoo is the Healthcare Operations Manager at Clinica Santiago de León, a top private hospital, where she oversees the inpatient and outpatient admission in the emergency and hospitalizations unit, the primary care specialty unit, budgeting and cost strategies, as well as strategic alliances. Vanessa holds a Master's Degree in Professional and Organizational Communication and a BSBA in International Business from the University of Denver. She has academic and professional experience in the United States, France, Israel and Venezuela in private companies as well as NGOs. Passionate about health, technology and social impact, the bootcamp helped propel her toward her career goals, and gave her a new vision in healthcare that she has been able to implement in her current position, to enhance the patient care experience at all levels. While she is not working, she is a member of the Global Shapers, a community of the World Economic Forum. She loves to travel, read, play tennis, go to concerts and art shows, have dinner parties with friends and meet new people.