MIT Bootcamps Trek - Croatia

A cultural and educational exploration

June 4, 2024 - June 7, 2024

This cultural and educational experience of the MIT Bootcamps Trek will provide learners the opportunity to go beyond conventional learning experiences and create an environment where they can truly "learn by doing."

The program envisions a transformative educational journey that goes beyond the classroom, merging learning from experts, cultural exploration and academic excellence. Participants will also get an immersion into the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, learning best practices from unicorn companies Rimac and Infobip. By combining the stunning landscapes and rich heritage of Croatia with top-tier instructors from MIT and Algebra, the vision is to inspire a deep understanding of product strategy in a real-world context.

The Trek is open to the general public and is best suited for individuals who want to focus on network building and are energized by active and immersive learning in global locations.Apply ASAP to secure one of the 30 seats!

The Trek can be done as a stand-alone adventure or as a fantastic complement to the immersive educational experience at the MIT Innovation Leadership Bootcamp in Zagreb, Croatia.

Soak up the Croatian Coastline and Višnjan Observatory

Soak up the Croatian Coastline and Višnjan Observatory

June 4 & 5 in Zagreb & Rovinj, Croatia

  • Participate in workshops focused on product management strategies on prioritization, stakeholders, scaling discovery and decision making, by Algebra University & MIT instructors
  • Explore Rovinj and embrace the breathtaking Croatian scenery
  • Dine and experience the local flavors and forge new connections with your fellow participants
  • Visit to the Višnjan observatory, where you can marvel at the wonders of the night sky

Explore Pula and learn from Croatia's first unicorn company

Explore Pula and learn from Croatia's first unicorn company

June 6 in Pula & Rovinj, Croatia

  • Tour Infobip, a Croatian unicorn company and global omni-channel communications leader. Learn from the Infobip growth journey from its leadership. Read a McKinsey interview with the CEO of Infobip.
  • Learn about key product management opportunities on machine learning and generative AI
  • You'll have the opportunity to experience the rich history and culture of Croatia as we guide you through the historic sights of Pula, including the Arena, one of the longest surviving Roman arenas.

Immerse yourself in Croatia's EV technology

Immerse yourself in Croatia's EV technology

June 7 in Rovinj & Zagreb, Croatia

  • Tour Rimac, renowned for its groundbreaking advancements in electric vehicles and high-performance cars.
  • This pioneering company has earned global recognition for its innovation and dedication to pushing the boundaries of automotive technology. Read more about Rimac here.
  • Participate in the final workshop to end the Trek on an inspirational high about building sustainability products that drive change


How to Enroll

Join the Trek

Secure one of 30 seats available.

Apply by May 15, 2024. Cohort size limited to 30 individuals.


Zagreb, Pula, & Rovinj, Croatia

Explore Croatia's capital, coastline, and it's unicorn companies over the course of the Trek. View the schedule.

Bootcamp Dates

June 4 - 7, 2024

Trek will begin midday June 4 through end of day June 7.


$3,500 USD

Price includes meals, lodging, and transportation.



Proud sponsors of the MIT Bootcamp Trek in Croatia.

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