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SUD Ventures

SUD Ventures

Applications open! In-person @ MIT
January 13 - 17, 2025

According to the CDC, one in seven adults in the United States will experience a substance use disorder (SUD) during their lifetime. If you live in the US, you likely know of a friend, family member, or colleague who has been affected by SUD. At the Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Ventures program, our goal is to fuel the next generation of innovation in this space.

SUD Ventures is an intense and immersive hybrid program. Consisting of live expert webinars, online courses, and culminating in a five day Bootcamp at MIT, our goal is to spark the creation of innovative biomedical ventures in the SUD space, a notoriously challenging problem area.

During the program, you will work with a team of exceptional and diverse individuals including SUD researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs. Together, you will work on one of the following key focus areas: SUD Treatment and incarceration, drug delivery and success, SUD in vulnerable population, or another topic of your choice.

You’ll receive advice from entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts and leaders working in this space. You’ll be immersed in the dynamic and high-energy environment unique to MIT Bootcamps and walk away with a community of innovators and a support system.

Application Deadline July 15, 2024
Innovation Leadership Bootcamp - Now Accepting Applications

Innovation Leadership Bootcamp - Now Accepting Applications

In-person @ Zagreb, Croatia
June 08 - 14, 2024

In Zagreb, an innovation hub located at the heart of southeast Europe, you will learn the essentials of entrepreneurial innovation and turn your ideas into action.

Join us so you can:

  • Work with a diverse team of aspiring entrepreneurs from around the globe
  • Tackle real-world challenges with MIT-trained coaches
  • Experience in one week the highs and lows of building a venture, something that usually takes 2-3 years
  • Immerse yourself in the dynamic and high-energy environment unique to MIT Bootcamps; we’re bringing this experience to Algebra University in Zagreb, Croatia
  • Participate in our famous pitch competition where you will receive feedback from a team of judges – renowned MIT entrepreneurs
  • Join our amazing network of MIT Bootcampers

Zagreb isn’t only a premier scenic destination for travelers, but also one of the top European innovation hubs. In the recently published European Innovation Scoreboard, Zagreb took a place among the regions characterized as strong innovators. Croatia has a rapidly growing tech startup and IT market equipped with quality talents and enormous creative potential.

When combined with MIT’s renowned framework for entrepreneurship, and a select group of passionate aspiring entrepreneurs, the Innovation Leadership Bootcamp in Croatia will act as a catalyst for transforming your mindset, igniting your passion for innovation, and diving into the essentials of entrepreneurship.

Spaces are limited. Apply today to be part of the MIT Bootcamp

Application Deadline May 15, 2024
MIT Bootcamps Trek - Croatia

MIT Bootcamps Trek - Croatia

No application required. Secure your seat today!
June 04 - 07, 2024

This cultural and educational experience of the MIT Bootcamps Trek will provide learners the opportunity to go beyond conventional learning experiences and create an environment where they can truly "learn by doing."

The program envisions a transformative educational journey that goes beyond the classroom, merging learning from experts, cultural exploration and academic excellence. Participants will also get an immersion into the local entrepreneurial ecosystem, learning best practices from unicorn companies Rimac and Infobip. By combining the stunning landscapes and rich heritage of Croatia with top-tier instructors from MIT and Algebra, the vision is to inspire a deep understanding of product strategy in a real-world context.

The Trek is open to the general public and is best suited for individuals who want to focus on network building and are energized by active and immersive learning in global locations.Apply ASAP to secure one of the 30 seats!

The Trek can be done as a stand-alone adventure or as a fantastic complement to the immersive educational experience at the MIT Innovation Leadership Bootcamp in Zagreb, Croatia.

Application Deadline May 15, 2024
Venture Advancement Program - Open

Venture Advancement Program - Open

Applications Closed
May 13 - 17, 2024

Are you ready to take your venture to the next level?

A growth program for entrepreneurs, the Venture Advancement Program is a 5 day in-person program, where you will “drink from the firehose” of innovation at MIT.

During the program, you will immerse yourself in the MIT innovation ecosystem, build rich connections with like-minded peers and MIT-trained entrepreneurs, and develop a robust innovation toolkit.

You will refine your strategic business direction, hone your tactical entrepreneurial skills, and leave the program ready to take the next step - whether that’s validating your product-market fit or early-stage fundraising.

Application Deadline May 1, 2024
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What is the Bootcamp?

We believe in learning by doing. You'll be an active part of your educational experience at your Bootcamp.

  • MIT Faculty seminars

    Learn from and engage with faculty from MIT Sloan and the Engineering School, who show entrepreneurship CAN be taught.

  • These interactive workshops take you from theory deep into practice, showing you how to apply and use the innovation tools and frameworks you learn through MITx MOOCs and readings.

  • Entrepreneurship requires an ecosystem of support. Learn firsthand from the experiences of entrepreneurs and investors who have helped make the MIT innovation ecosystem one of the most robust in the world.

  • The solo entrepreneur is a rare myth. A team with diverse skills and experience is required to build a sustainable venture. Work with a global team of innovators selected by MIT Bootcamps to build the foundations of a venture together.Build the foundations of a new venture with your global team

  • MIT Bootcamps are rigorous and your coach is there to guide and support your team throughout. MIT Bootcamp coaches are experienced and successful entrepreneurs and corporate innovators who have experienced the challenges of bringing innovation from idea to market.

  • The Bootcamp schedule is packed with seminars, workshops, and team work, with a focus on your team’s venture. Office hours are a time to connect with the MIT Bootcamps team and other Bootcampers in areas not covered during other formal sessions.

  • Each week, you’ll build a new part of your venture with your team. The deliverables help guide your team through the analysis and decisions you need to make along the way.

Becoming and Belonging

Becoming and Belonging

From meeting and exceeding high expectations to finding community - our programs are transformational.

The magic of MIT is a combination of intellectual rigor and surrounding yourself with other motivated and inspiring individuals. MIT Bootcamps brings this magic to you. Your instructors will ask you to think beyond the obvious and your coaches will expect and guide you to achievements that might not have seemed possible on Day 1. Throughout the Bootcamp and beyond, you will be sharing this immersive experience with the MIT Bootcamps team, your coach, your team, and your broader cohort. Once you complete the Bootcamp, you’ll join our community of 1800+ innovators and changemakers from 100+ countries. If you’re looking for a carefully selected community that will continue to inspire and motivate you, you can find it here.

Coaching by MIT innovators

Coaching by MIT innovators

Our "secret sauce” is that we’re with you every step of the way

While we expect a lot from you and your team, our team and your coach are there for you throughout the program, whether it’s in-person or virtual. Experienced entrepreneurs and corporate innovators, MIT Bootcamp coaches are selected for their experience, analytical skills, and ability to navigate challenges - both intellectual and interpersonal. They have succeeded (or failed, learned, and grown) when faced with many of the same challenges you will face as an innovator. Guiding you through the Bootcamp, their goal is for you and your team to have the most successful learning experience possible, learning from every success, misstep, or conflict along the way.

A rigorous educational experience

A rigorous educational experience

Learn from the same instructors who teach innovation and entrepreneurship at MIT

Our programs feature faculty, instructors, and researchers who are leading innovation research and practice across MIT - in business, engineering, and design - and creating ecosystems that foster innovation, at MIT and beyond. You will hear about their latest research, breakthroughs, and frameworks directly from them. The MIT Bootcamps team and coaches have been through the MIT curriculum, either as MBAs, graduate students, or previous Bootcamps, and create the same culture and performance expectations you’ll find in classes at MIT. Challenge yourself with us.

Global Community

We are a global community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and changemakers. Our community spans over 100 countries and over 1300 individuals. Our Bootcampers come to the Bootcamp to make a difference in the world through social impact. They leave with the support of a global community to inspire them, support them, and walk through the entrepreneurship journey with them.

If you come into it with a sense of purpose or desire for impact and you know perhaps where you want to channel it the bootcamp will really help you unleash that. -Arthur Nelson